Vanilla Con Purple Shake

Here's a super energizer for active people. Vanilla con Purple Shake is a tremendously creamy concoction of vanilla ice cream, purple corn juice, and soda churned together for that powerful energy booster thick and cool drink. If you're an athlete or simply need energy for a hard day's work, try this health and energy drink!

How to Prepare

Get a scoop of vanilla ice cream (well, actually you can use any flavor you like. If you choose chocolate then name it Chocolate con Purple Shake), 50 ml of purple corn juice, and 250 ml 7-up or sprite. Place everything in a blender and put some crushed ice. Blend thoroughly and pour in a tall glass. This gives you super energy plus the anthocyanin and Vitamins C and E and other micronutrients and flavonoids of purple corn juice. You also get calcium and protein from the ice cream.

You may add the ice cream or soda proportion to your vanilla con purple shake to increase the volume and make 2 or more glasses. Just make sure not to lose the strawberry taste of the shake. If so, add some more purple corn juice to maintain the vanilla con purple shake quality.

With Bananas!

If you like, add fresh, plump bananas into the shake. Slice up two or three regular-size bananas while blending the mix. As bananas will increase mass, add ice cream and soda with a bit more purple corn juice to taste. Then top it off with a thin slice of banana. That's extra fiber and potassium power! Now your vanilla con purple shake has "banana extract." Try it now!

With Pineapple

In Peru they like mixing purple corn juice with different fruits, especially pineapple. That's for extra Vitamin C and dietary fibers! And yes, I would recommend blending the juice with both bananas and pineapple for an extra thick smoothie!

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