Diabetic Nephropathy and Purple Corn

It does sound scary--diabetic nephropathy--because it's deadly. It's actually a serious case when your type-2 diabetes gets complicated, affecting the kidneys and later destroying them. And then you spend a lot of money for dialysis treatment. Some decades ago, you never heard of dialysis. But since diabetes became a byword, so did dialysis. 

Now, diabetes invaded the medical health world when instant food--like those from "fast" food stores--became popular. These foods are loaded with white sugar and other harmful ingredients making them more delicious and long lasting--ice cream, fancy cold drinks, cakes, softdrinks, and almost everything offered in fast food stores. Sugar began invading our blood system without being checked, and later natural insulin couldn't handle it any longer. This is what experts call insulin resistance--a condition in which high blood sugar levels are not anymore responding to natural insulin.

When diabetes sets in, some maintenance drugs for it have residues that clog in the kidneys and make them work extra. Soon, they have problems, malfunction, and deteriorate. I know someone with this condition who never knew about his kidney problems until it was too late. When diabetes have side effects on the kidneys, they call it diabetic nephropathy. Another name for it is nodular diabetic glomerulosclerosis. This progressive kidney problem damages the blood vessels involved in kidney functions leading to what is called microvascular complications, destroying small blood vessels in the kidneys.

When the glomerulus is clogged and unable to do its filtering function, the kidneys are harmed. Glomerulus is found at the beginning portion of the nephron--which is the part of the kidney that filters blood. It does the initial phase of filtering. Undissolved residues from your maintenance medicines get stuck in these microscopic blood vessels in the kidneys and destroy everything.

Among the best natural remedies for diabetic nephropathy is taking natural supplements like purple corn juice or non-acidic Vitamin C, like Vital-C. Pure Peruvian purple corn juice or capsules is rich in anthocyanin that helps fight diabetes and cleanse your kidneys. Countless clinical tests have proven the anti-diabetic properties of purple corn anthocyanin. Vital-C non acidic Vitamin C also fights diabetes and detoxes the kidneys. Both supplements are without side effects. You may take them together with your maintenance medicines.

Don't wait till your diabetes condition worsens and necessitates dialysis. Start taking genuine Peruvian purple corn juice. And even if you are already under dialysis treatment, aid it with purple corn juice. Ask your doctor about it. We recommend getting your doctor's approval before doing anything. If he doesn't approve purple corn juice, he'd surely approve non-acidic Vitamin C.

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