Why Fit is a Win in Sales

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If you want another option in your sales career--a winning option, that is--an important factor is fitness. This is more so when selling health products, but it's not limited to that. If you're in sales, being fit counts a lot. If you're not in sales, being fit is often a door to career success. And here's why fit is a win in sales or otherwise.

For instance, you're selling health products like purple corn juice or a fitness equipment or a wellness supplement--and then you look sickly and have a bulging tummy at that. You sneeze or scratch your itchy nose often or try preventing a runny nose from oozing out a nostril. And then you stress that your product is good for health and wellness. You think that makes sense to your prospect?

Fitness is always a better option for you. It can improve your sales by making your product credible and being credible yourself. Or, let's say you're not into sales. Fitness still is a major plus factor for you, especially if you want a better you, a new option for your image. A lot of personality weaknesses can be eclipsed by a fit and trim body. If you're not that smart intellectually, at least you're smart with your health.

Ever heard of multiple intelligence? It says smartness is not just about the intellect anymore. You may be a Math wizard, but if you're out of shape and sickly, it shows a lack of intelligence or common sense where health is concerned. And health is more important than high Math grades. If you're all brains but have no athletic ability, you're not as smart as you think you are. Your mind doesn't have motor abilities to express itself through the body. If all you can do to express that intelligence is talk, you become a boring individual eventually.

If all you can do is talk about the health benefits of purple corn juice, for instance, just flipping through your power point presentation and blabbing facts about the product, you can easily become a big bore to your audience. But try showing what your product can do to you when swimming or playing basketball or simply jogging or working out. You give your audience new options on the product and put some new interesting twists in it, too.

People will opt to buy from a healthy guy than one who frequently coughs. In a broader sense, people generally get attracted to fit and healthy individuals than weaklings, and this is especially so in job interviews. In interviews, interviewees really 'sell' themselves to the interviewer. If you're a weakling now, don't get discouraged. This article is meant to encourage you to get a new option--get fit and healthy. No one's meant to be a weakling. You're meant to be a winner. This is why fit is a win in sales.

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