How to Get a Flat Tummy with Purple Corn Juice

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It's not just refreshingly delicious, it can flatten your abdomen, too. But of course, if you want this result, you have to incorporate workout and discipline, especially if you already have a protruding tummy. But don't lose hope. Just follow this regimen on how to get a flat tummy with Purple Corn Juice.

First, regularly take this healthy Peruvian drink. Second, set out on a fitness program, or simply do crunches, push-ups, and jogging regularly. I recommend adding isometrics. These workouts may not seem much, but body building is quite possible without steel weights. And if done regularly without letup, these exercises can yield tremendous fitness results, especially on your abs. Now, here's how they all come together to show you how to get a flat flat with purple corn juice.

This Peruvian super juice is made from corn, and we all know corn is great with energy boosting properties. Without enough energy for doing workouts, you can never carve out your abs beautifully. Now, drinking our juice quickly gets you the energy boost you need because of its liquid form. If you have to eat corn to get energy for your workouts, you need to wait for the digestive system to crush and convert it to its simplest form so your body can absorb it. That will take time. So just drink the corn, as it were.

After drinking half a glass or a full glass--and after a 3-minute very slight warm up--then start your workout. I suggest doing 30 to 40 push-ups in 4 sets, 60 to a hundred crunches in 4 sets, and jogging for 15 to 20 minutes. If you feel tired, take another half glass. Remember to relax and enjoy it all. Drinking the juice will give you renewed vigor and strength to finish even an extended workout.

Then try some isometrics. In summary, examples of isometrics are the bending spring bar and chest expander. Isometrics are often spring workout equipments. With the bending bar, for instance, stand erect holding it over your head with both hands and slowly try to bend it until the ends touch each other just above your head--or whatever you can manage. Hold it still in that position for 5 seconds and then release. Then do it again. This firms up your muscles in the chest, shoulders, and sides, plus your tummy.

With purple corn juice, you can do the workouts [or any workout] well even for extended periods because of its energy boosting property. Plus, you get a fat-burning bonus, too because its anthocyanin regulates fat storage. Now, just remember to do this workout with your medical doctor's approval. And have a medical check regularly. By the way, click this link to buy the juice. Or this Link.

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