Purple Corn Anthocyanin Power

More and more people are amazed at the wonders of purple corn anthocyanin power. The unique color of this corn alone sends excitement and curiosity to the nth level, but discovering its anthocyanin content is something else altogether. Have you ever heard of diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, and hypertension getting cured because of anthocyanin? Anthocyanin fights free-radical damage as seen in numerous clinical tests in both animal and human tissues. No wonder a growing number of seriously sick people today in the Philippines are getting better with purple corn juice or chicha morada from Peru.

Free radicals are abnormal cells that do nothing in life but destroy your healthy cells. Scientists tell us we all have free radical cells in our bodies--in fact we all have cancer cells--but only in small amounts undetected by blood tests for cancer. Once free radical damage goes unchecked, it can become too much to handle for our immune system and soon cause deadly diseases. Basically, free radicals steal electrons from our healthy cells. And cells which lack electrons become weak and unstable, ending up being a free radical itself. However, free radicals don't improve into healthy cells after stealing electrons. Thus, they should be neutralized. And here is where anthocyanin helps a lot.

Once you stop free radical or oxidative damage, the rest follows--cancer cells disappear, blood flow becomes healthy, hypertension disappears, body organs like heart, liver and kidneys function better, and your body eliminates toxins more, to name a few health benefits. This is because your immune system gets stronger with powerful antioxidants like anthocyanin.

Now, it's hard to be eating corn all the time. I can only eat about  5 a day. But drinking purple corn juice is like eating 10 to 20 purple corns a day. And I mean the whole corn. The thing is, you can only eat the grains of corn, not the husk and corncob. Can you eat 5 corncobs a day, with the husks? Of course not. About 80 percent of the anthocyanin in purple corn comes from the cob and husks. The grains give you only 20 percent. So, drinking purple corn juice or chicha morada from Peru is the best option to get purple corn anthocyanin power. Peru Food Chicha Morada Purple Corn Beverage Mix 4.2 Oz.

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