Make Purple Corn Juice Your Business

Few businesses sell purple corn juice in the Philippines. In fact, I get lots of inquiries about where people could buy the Peruvian health drink here. I just point them to this and that company, but there simply isn't enough good companies to point to. So, I did some research and found several companies in Peru willing to sell the product at a cheaper price than what you will often find in the Philippines.

And mind you, the best purple corn variety comes in Peru. Peruvian purple corn gives you 80 percent antioxidant nutrition from its corncob and husks, not the grains. So, if your corn has only the grain colored purple, it can only give you about 20 percent antioxidant nutrition. To get value for your money, make sure your purple corn juice comes straight from Peru. Why not try shipping this product from Peru? Surprisingly, it's cheaper.


For instance, check this purple corn juice marketed by RIOSISA. It's just less than $20 for 2 liters, or less than P880. So, 1 liter costs less than P440. Add $5 for shipping or P220 and it's still cheaper compared to the P2,000 to P3,000 plus per liter cost from companies here. P440 plus P110 [shipping cost per liter] is only P550. Add P300 as profit and sell it for only P850 per liter SRP. It's good business!

Kosmos Peru

Another company in Peru is Kosmos Peru. It sells Purple Corn Beverage Mix [4.2 Oz] at $7.99 per bag or P351.56. Add $20 shipping cost or P220 and you sell the purple corn mix at only less than P572. Add P200 for profit and sell it for P772.


How about chicha morada purple corn nectar by the company Gloria, 33.8 Fl. Oz., at only $10.99 or about P483.56? It makes a liter of purple corn juice.

You can be known as a seller of authentic Peruvian purple corn juice and boast about how your product comes straight from Peru by simply importing from Peru. And that's an added promo for you--you can claim to be a purple corn juice importer.

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