Authentic Purple Corn Juice: Deliciously Refreshing!

We all know by now how nutritious Purple Corn Juice is. Its number one nutrition is anthocyanin which is a super antioxidant, says nutrition scientists. Anthocyanins fall under flavonoids and phenolics which have powerfully anti-cancer and anti-heart disease properties, aside from its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation. It has lots of vitamins, too. But aside from these, I'd like to talk about how deliciously refreshing purple corn juice is.

If you love softdrinks, especially cola drinks, you'd find this corn juice more delicious and refreshing. And you'd love it and get rid of your unhealthy craving for softdrinks. Remember to keep the bottle refrigerated. Then shake it a bit before opening. Then pour the deep purple juice into a tall glass. You may put some ice if desired but I recommend drinking it pure. Refrigerated without ice. Drink slowly and enjoy every sip, feeling the energizing effect as the sweet (but zero sugar) goodness of the juice runs down your throat and into your body systems.

How does it taste? Try to imagine combining the deliciously refreshing tastes of pure (sweet) grapes, kiwi, a little of prunes, peaches, and mango--I imagine it to be purple mango. Well, other people may get a different taste impression, but I'd like to think of it as dark purple mango, with all the good flavor of the fruit--plus more! One gulp and I feel de-stressed and happy and satisfied, as I try to relish in the delectable and sweet after-taste on my tongue to the last drop. Ahh! What a juice! There's absolutely nothing like it!

You may drink glasses of it or 20 to 30 ml a day to economize and make a liter bottle last for a month or a few weeks. But I doubt if you could discipline yourself to just 20 or 30 ml a day after you get a taste of ice-cold purple corn juice. Your taste buds would urge you to pour another and another and another. I should know. That's what happens to me and my wife and kids. We just can't help it. And then after several shots, I feel good and relaxed and positive about everything--something about a dopamine effect that controls pleasure and rewards in our brains. Anthocyanin does that.

This deliciously refreshingly Peruvian corn drink can literally chase the blues away, more than wine can. Sometimes, I like calling it purple corn wine, only thicker and smoother in texture than most wines. I recommend it for stressed out periods or when you feel down. Drop everything and take a cold glass of purple corn juice with you to some place quiet and conducive to relaxed meditation. I and my wife sometimes sip our juice slowly as we relax and talk casually about life and God. You should try it, too.


  1. Really Peruvian corn drink looks so refreshing and delicious..Thanks for sharing your experience..
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  2. Yes it is! Just half a glass or less refreshes me. It is more refreshing when mixed with other fruits! Thanks for your comment!