Dying Old Man Revived by Purple Corn Juice

This story was given as a testimony during the grand launching of Purple Corn Juice last December 22, 2011. The grandfather of one of the officers of the company (father of a 01 leader) was dying. He was 84  and sickly and the doctors said it was just a matter of days. His kidneys stopped functioning, he couldn't urinate or defecate, and any trace of appetite was gone. His intestines were a mess (couldn't digest anything). He refused to go to a hospital anymore.

So the old man looked deathly sick indeed, and the family was already making arrangements for his funeral and interment while he was still alive, though gasping for dear life. He was bed ridden, couldn't get up even with help, and he looked too frail even for any light activity. He was as good as dead. You can imagine how sick he was and how he must have looked. Everyone in the family have given up on him--except the Purple Networx networker, that is. The 01 leader. She insisted that her old and dying dad be given several glasses of purple corn juice. So the old man had several rounds (7 half glasses) and after that he got up.

He got up!

Well, before he got up, he started urinating just minutes after the drinks. The next day he got up and walked and started eating well. His digestive system started working normal again. His appetite improved. No doubt he was healed, even miraculously. No doubt God was behind all the wonders, using purple corn juice as a miracle vehicle.

Today, the old man is alive and kicking, traveling up and down their mountainous terrain in Bicol. He told his grandson who is the sales and network director of the company: "That juice of yours is super! I'm sure I'm going to have many more years to live!" He's become a regular user.

We've been gathering a lot more incredible healing testimonies on purple corn juice. And I tell you, they're all amazing! We will be gathering the pictures and videos and put the videos on youtube and the pictures on our testimony trifolds. Remember, we're a very new company--we're less than a month old because we had our launching only last December 22, 2011. Previous to that, we had some light pre-launching activities but those were sporadic market testings, testing the waters, as it were.

But this time we have launched out into the deep! Big networking companies, here we come! And you better brace yourselves because we have the most powerful and unique product and marketing plan ever. Just look at our direct referral: P3,700 per! And there are 10 ways to earn! For joining or inquiries, please email me at trenzcorp@gmail.com.

We will gradually be making noise in the industry scene, especially when our CD testimonies come out. Already, we have many networkers transferring to us from other different networking company giants. We are determined to stay and fight and conquer. It's either you side with us now, or be swept to the sidelights. Our product, by God's grace and mercy, seems to defy even death. I believe God planned  the discovery of super powerful products in our modern times, like purple corn, knowing that in these precarious times strange and deadly diseases will pop out from nowhere and inflict harm to many.

Well, purple corn juice is among God's answers to remedy suffering, physically, financially, and spiritually.

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