Anti Christmas Cholesterol

You can't escape it. The Yuletide celebration is bound to give you a higher cholesterol count, if not outright high blood pressure. Most Yuletide menus are rich in cholesterol and dipped in cooking oil the real source of which we're not too sure about. Yes, you see on the bottle label that it's cholesterol-free, but is it really? 

But don't worry because we have an anti Christmas cholesterol in purple corn juice.

You cannot but make yourself get a small bite of that crispy fried bacon and shiny red juicy hotdog. Plus the slice of ham that looks so tender and flavory, and that super grilled pork chop and mouth-watering roasted pig with its crunchy thin skin that almost melts in your mouth. And how can you not taste that tender beef mechado and calderetta? And then your neighbor invites you to taste-test his new lechon paksiw recipe. A little of this and a little of that can amount to a load-full of bad cholesterol at the end of the day, clogging your systems and staying in your intestines for days. This Christmas cholesterol can take away so much of the Season's fun when the BP starts soaring and necessitating a rush into the emergency room.

But purple corn juice has an anti Christmas cholesterol property that washes all the unwanted fats and bad cholesterol from you and helps you get rid of the meat residues from your intestines. You have to get rid of those residues before they pile up inside your tummy and develop hard deposits there and turn into a monster you won't forget as long as you live. Before all that happens, enjoy glasses of delicious purple corn juice to make sure 2012 and the years after will indeed be happy new years. You never know what delicious fatty food can do to you later--or to your loved ones.

It's ironic when we celebrate the Savior's birth--which is supposed to be about total freedom and blessing--and all we get after is bad cholesterol and hypertension, if not develop a new heart health problem. It's because some of us simply don't know when enough is enough--until it's too late. You see, once you swallow it, we lose control of food's after-effects, good or bad. And all we can do is get and feel the results in our bodies--especially the Christmas cholesterol. 

But with purple corn juice, we can somehow neutralize the ill effects of bad food we unawarely get too much of. First and foremost, for sure, it's anti Christmas cholesterol. Then, it also detoxifies our systems of other toxins. In this metropolitan life, we cannot but take in toxins even if we are the most health conscious. Just imagine what foul air we breathe after the fireworks on New Year's Eve. So, make it a habit (or a "vice") to regularly drink purple corn juice.

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