Purple Corn ORAC Value

Since purple corn has the highest anthocyanin content compared to erstwhile known powerful health food, there's wide and unceasing inquiry about purple corn ORAC value. When we say that the Peruvian grain is richest in anthocyanin, we're saying in effect that it has the most antioxidant content, anthocyanin being a powerful antioxidant. But the question is, what's its antioxidant value?

We have an anthocyanin comparative study where purple corn is tops, according to Wikipedia. But as to an ORAC study result we have none so far. It's not our fault or our product's because the nutrition scientists still haven't  done anything about it. Why? Nobody knows. But we hope some expert would come up with it online. But suffice it to say, our Peruvian corn juice is the most powerful in anthocyanin content. Nothing beats it, not even what ORAC is supposed to prove or disprove. We have to understand the nature of ORAC value before we rely on it, before we judge health supplements with it.

The antioxidant and micronutrient potentials of this juice is simply amazing and it would be a shame to forfeit yourself of its health and healing benefits just because there is no purple corn ORAC value available to the public yet. And super health benefits is never all about ORAC values. You might even harm your health if you blind yourself with ORAC and forfeit yourself of other more important health values. If say, you keep drinking cocoa because it has a very high ORAC, you risk losing enough sleep due to the high caffeine of cocoa. And that could lead to hypertension or other health risks and impaired immune system.

To be sure, purple corn ORAC value will come out online soon because lots of nutrition scientists are excited about  anthocyanin and the other nutrition potentials of purple corn. Some say it is very possible that other more astounding health and healing benefits are still awaiting discovery from this unique blue corn from Peru. So, while you wait for the illusive purple corn ORAC value, load up on anthocyanin and other of its micronutrients.

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