Apoptosis: Programmed Cancer Cell Death

There's good news about cell deaths. Even cancer cells die sooner or later. And with Cyanidin 3 Glucoside or C3G, cancer cells can be programmed to die earlier. Defective cells die, but the problem with some of them, like free radicals, is that they can also multiply and spread fast. They can inflict harm faster than their death process.

Well, chemotherapy can kill cancer cells, but so does it kill good cells. But C3G, which is the anthocyanin content of purple corn juice, can program early death for cancer cells, without harming healthy cells. I don't know how--I'm not a scientist--but that's how researches say it. By some wonders of God, C3G only programs cancer cells to death. If you have tumors or high cancer cell count, start taking purple corn juice and see how it gradually reduces your susceptibility to a full blown cancer.

Imagine if you supplement your chemotherapy treatment with this anti-cancer drink. Chemo indiscriminately kills any cell in your body. But with the anthocyanin feature strengthening cell health, it may be able to reduce the incidence of good cell harm. What more when it even programs apoptosis against cancer cells?

We hope to find more promising researches on C3G and apoptosis, and even more actual cancer healing due to C3G apoptosis action. Think of the many cancer patients that will be benefited.

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