Purple Corn Healing Testimonies

I and my wife sell and deliver purple corn juice in Metro Manila. We also deliver to Sydney, Australia, all by the help of God. Aside from the good profits, we're amazed by the purple corn healing testimonies we hear from regular drinkers. Just look at the following:


A senior member in Malabon used to have serious problems with his bowel movement. It simply wouldn't go out from him without suppository. But since he's been taking regular purple corn juice (10ml thrice a day) his bowel movement became regular and smooth without help from suppository. He looks better and feels better. He has diabetes and would like to see how the sweet purple corn juice would affect his blood sugar count after a month. I asked if he felt weak or dizzy or anything like that--stuff that might signify a rise in blood sugar level. No, he replied, in fact he'd never felt better.


My female boss has a friend who has diabetes. She gave her some bottles of purple corn juice and my boss' friend's blood sugar count remarkably became normal and remained thus. She's been a regular drinker ever since. Now, some people ask, what if she stopped taking the juice? My answer is simple: the blood sugar might start rising again. All natural supplements are food our bodies need to be healthy and/or to heal. Food is designed to be regularly taken, right? Three times a day. You stop eating food you'd get sick. But natural food supplements do not have the side effects that synthetics have. Moreover, majority of our food today are exposed to chemicals and white sugar which are detrimental to bloodsugar count. So, to be safe, take the juice regularly.

Colon Cancer

My female boss has a friend who had colon cancer. This cancer is a stubborn type and hard to treat even with medical treatment. Many famous and rich people in Metro Manila who sought help from premier hospitals here with the latest technology on cancer treatment died of the disease. But just after 4 bottles, the colon cancer of my boss' friend started healing and she's been taking the juice regularly. Simply powerful.

UTI and Other Infections

Our downlines report cases of UTI and other infections that disappeared the moment the affected people started taking purple corn juice. One had a swelling hand from some insect bite which the juice allegedly took care of. I myself am amazed by these purple corn healing testimonies.


We have lots of hypertension cases normalized by this drink. I hear about them left and right. I've heard of people with rising BP who took the drink and had their BP normalized right there and then. And it probably saved them from potential heart attacks or strokes. I've seen guys in the office who suddenly felt their BP rising due to stress (or probably the stress just triggered a headache). So what they did was to buy a 250ml purple corn juice and drink half of it. Then they felt okay.

Common Cold, Cough, Asthma, and Pneumonia

We used to worry a lot when our youngest kid got a runny nose and cough. His lungs and throat easily caught infection and colds and cough often resulted to a fever, and then his asthma. At times he was hospitalized for pneumonia. We prayed to God for a remedy. Then entered purple corn juice. By the grace of God, since he's been taking the drink regularly, he never caught the common cold or cough! We don't see him anymore with a runny nose, and praise God he doesn't have asthma any longer. I also receive purple corn healing testimonies from our networkers about asthmatic customers getting tremendous relief because of purple corn juice, this wonder creation by God.

Swellings and Inflammation

I also hear of purple corn healing testimonies on swellings and inflammation being remedied. My boss is a special case in point. He broke his wrist due to a serious bike accident (he fell from a cliff 40 feet high) and had his arm inserted with a metal support. It was made bionic, and that caused his arm to always swell for months. But since he regular took purple corn juice, the swelling stopped and he could also turn his arm and wrist freely (he couldn't before taking the drink) because this health drink also repaired connective tissues, aside from greatly relieving inflammation.


Thalasemia is a blood cell disorder and my wife has it. It's inherited. It's nothing serious but if let unattended it may require blood transfusion. I makes her so tired and weak at times and a bit gasping for air and dizzy. But since she's been taking regular purple corn juice she's remarkably improved. And she's a lot stronger. Her hemoglobin looked very good. We believe God's answers to our prayers and purple corn intake will heal her. She takes the juice as a supplement to her regular medicine.

Stress and Palpitations

I used to have sudden palpitations without warning. This was due to stress and gas in the tummy. But now, praise God I don't have them anymore. I take the juice as a supplement to my daily very minimal dose of bisoprolol. The last time I had my check up, my doc was so happy with my heart health!

Kidney Problems

You won't believe this, but a 30-year old woman in Pangasinan who had both her kidneys "dead" had a spectacular healing because of purple corn. She was all bloated and had the black color of death. She was no longer able to stand or walk and she stopped urinating and moving her bowels for days. Then, with only 50ml of purple corn juice, she started standing up and walking and pooing and peeing! That's among awesome purple corn healing testimonies I'll never forget!

These are just some of the purple corn healing testimonies I often hear of, plus some special cases, but there are a lot more. Synthetic medicine can never heal diseases. It just alleviates the effects. But I believe that together with prayer, natural health supplements (and with natural supplement maintenance) and traditional medical treatment can make healing possible. 

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