Purple Corn Coffee and Purple Corn Tea

Purple corn coffee and purple corn tea are coming to town--in fact the coffee's already here, alive and kicking. The tea's coming soon. Many are discovering the rich aroma and taste of purple corn coffee that perks you up to get ready energetically to an exciting new day ahead.

Purple corn coffee has 9 ingredients, including hazelnut, agaricus mushroom, and moringa bits. And it also purple corn extracts and herbs, and more. The tea is being taste tested and will soon be available. Some company staff had a sampling and it tasted like first class 5-star hotel tea. Well, at least that's how it tasted to them.

Have you ever tasted purple corn coffee or purple corn tea? These are very unique products no one in the Philippines (except distributors and their connections) has ever tasted--and this is especially true with purple corn tea. And what I mean is that, if you're looking for a new saleable and consumable product to market, you don't need to look far and wide--our coffee and tea are it!

A factor in good marketing is marketing new and unique products you create a market for. And with these very delicious and healthy products, it isn't hard to create a demand. Filipinos are coffee lovers, and they're also fast becoming iced tea lovers. Purple corn tea is among the best (if not the very best) powdered iced tea options.

You have heard of or tasted green or black or ordinary iced tea, even those squeezed in with lemon or mango or lychee or guyavano  flavors. And you have tasted all kinds of coffee. But I bet you've never heard of or tasted purple corn coffee or purple corn tea--in fact, I bet purple corn is a stranger to you. Ever heard of it? It's being introduced in the Philippine market by TRENZ, the pioneer when it comes to this blue corn from Peru. We are the first to market this product in this country, and our purple corn comes straight from the high mountains of Peru. Other purple corn products come from other sources, but only the Peru variety is rich with Anthocyanin.

Anyway, try our coffee and tea now and enjoy their rich taste and cellular health benefits! If you want toknow more, just contact us at the contact infos shown on the sidebar.

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