No Palpitations from Drinking Purple Corn Coffee

It's amazing! I've talked to several guys who suffer from heart palpitations when they drink ordinary coffee, but they say they suffer no palpitations from drinking purple corn coffee! And they're wondering why, asking what in the coffee makes it non-palpitative, if that's the right term for it.

Ordinary coffee is high in caffeine and most heart physicians do not allow their patients even a drop of it. Guys I've talked to haven't consulted any doctors yet but they have already prohibited themselves from drinking the beverage because they suffer palpitations for reasons they do not know. Yeah, coffee does have caffeine, but is it so bad as to make their hearts tremble annoyingly? They wonder.

But purple corn coffee is different, they say. Aside from its rich aroma and flavor (they're crazy about its delicious taste!) it does not give them any side effect like palpitations. And in fact, they feel better after a cup of it! Thus, the coffee is fast becoming popular among contacts of distributors, and other people in between. If you want to try the super juice, try the super coffee first.

If you tend to have palpitations when drinking coffee, try ours. With many folks, they say they have no palpitations from drinking purple corn coffee. And it's also welcome news to coffee drinkers who may have problems with ingesting too much caffeine or with stomach acidity. 

Purple corn coffee has 9 contents: Purple corn extracts, selected herbs, purple corn herbs, hazelnut, agaricus mushroom, moringa, coffee beans, non-fat milk, and sucralose. Imagine having the health goodness of the super blue grain plus agaricus mushroom, hazelnut, and moringa in every sip of your coffee. And yes, no palpitations from drinking purple corn coffee, according to many avid drinkers.

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