Make Sure It's Purple Corn from Peru

Just make sure it's purple corn from Peru!

What do I mean? Well, there are numerous sources for purple corn coming from different countries. But ONLY the Peru variety has high concentrates of the powerful Anthocyanin micro nutrients. You can find purple corn even in the Philippines but only the kernel has the purple color. If this is the case, it's just ordinary corn, like the yellow or white type you find in the market.

Not that yellow or white corn is bad. In fact, they are also rich in micro nutrients like carotenoids that is powerfully anti-cancer and good for eye macular and collagen health due to lutein and lecithin. But what we want is the ultra powerful Anthocyanin of the Peruvian corn, so make sure it's purple corn from Peru! Blue corn that is blue or purple only on the kernel is not high in Anthocyanin or C3G.

Only the blue corn on the high mountains of Peru (10,000 t0 15,000 feet above sea level) has purple cob and husks--and the highest concentrate of Anthocyanin is in the cob and husks, which we call purple corn herbs. So, make sure it's purple corn from Peru when you want to try the product. Other corns from other countries will not give you the same satisfaction, especially the health benefits.

No doubt there will be other purple corn juice brands that will appear in the market, so we caution you to make sure it's purple corn from Peru, to get real value for your money. I don't know why, but God willed that the powerful purple corn should only grow on the mountains of Peru (the Andes), along its coasts, or in the inter-valleys. And this is exactly where our health corn juice is derived--from Peru.

Thus, for an authentic purple corn juice sourced from Peru, contact us through email. Please refer to our blog sidebar.

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