Purple corn, obesity, and diabetes

Purple corn, obesity, and diabetes--what's the connection? 

Being obese can set you up for fat cells dysfunction and result in insulin resistance. To prevent obesity and high blood sugar counts, kinases expression induced by fat cells ought to be regulated. This improves insulin sensitivity, some experts say.

Natural crops rich in Cyanidin-3-Glucoside or C3G can protect from insulin insensitivity. The anthocyanin in Purple Corn juice is rich in C3G, and thus helps regulate normal blood sugar. C3G decreases blood glucose level through to the decrease in retinol binding protein 4 diabetic expression. In Japan, experts found out that cyanidin glucoside or C3G can be used powerfully in treating diabetes and obesity, which are often related and contributory to each other.

Purple corn, obesity, and diabetes--there's definitely a connection if we're talking about remedies for high blood sugar count and cure for diabetes. Fatty diets can give you hyperleptinemia, hyperglycemia, and hyperinsulinemia. But these things are stopped by the wonder C3G content in purple corn juice anthocyanin. 

It's not hard to lose weight in order to prevent diabetes and some people just gain weight (store much fats) seemingly without reason--even if they cut down on fats. And medical experts say that gaining weight over what your ideal weight is exposes you to diabetic danger. If you're like this, you should regularly take purple corn juice. That's the connection in purple corn, obesity, and diabetes.

Eat Less, Exercise More?

Some fitness experts recently add that it's not reduction in fat intake that makes you lose weight effectively, but it's reduction in carbohydrates. Most people eat less and workout more to lose weight. But isn't that what you also do when you want to eat more, asks these fitness experts. Eating less and working out more makes you super hungry! I found this out to be true.

When we have eat-all-you-can dinners, don't we say we've got to eat less or skip breakfast altogether and do some workout so that come lunch time during eat-all-you-can, we get really hungry and eat more? So the formula eat-less-workout-more is not really ideal for losing weight, and especially for preventing or treating high blood sugar count or diabetes.

To my mind, what is, is a balanced diet, enough exercise, and regular purple corn juice intake. So there's your purple corn, obesity, and diabetes connection for better health. The C3G in purple corn anthocyanin will help further our balanced diet and exercise to keep ourselves out of high blood sugar counts and diabetes itself. 

Purple corn should be taken 5 ml a day initially, and then 5ml twice a day after a month if you have blood sugar count problems. You may take it with your maintenance medicine. If you want to try purple corn juice, talk about it with your doctor first and then contact me for the all-natural juice. A liter costs only P2,200--that's a lot cheaper than if your diabetes starts getting hard to control and may even lead to kidney dialysis.

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