How Cell Health is Key to Health and Long Life

Body cells divide to reproduce more cells. If the cell is healthy it reproduces healthier cells. And healthier cells reproduce much healthier cells, and so on. Think of what drinking purple corn juice can help in this cellular process because of its antioxidants.
But if cells are weak and divide, they reproduce only weaker, and then much weaker cells. If you are alcoholic and smoke, and then you eat unhealthily, your cells grow weak, reproducing poor quality cells. Only eating healthily can reverse this trend. Cells feed on nutrients, oxygen, and water (NOW)—and I mean all-natural nutrients from all-natural food. Understanding how cell health is key to health and life is vital.
The real bad news is, cells divide only for a fixed number of times in one’s lifetime. If you have weak cells but decide to take really nutritious food and stop unhealthy life styles, your cells have some chances of reproducing healthy cells, and then healthier ones, and reverse the trend. Then you start being healthy. But what if you have reached your quota of cell divisions? What if your cells have stopped dividing or if they have been too badly damaged due to your abuse of your body?
Cell experts estimate that at age 20, a person usually has had some 50 percent of his cell division routine. At age 40, he’s taken up some 70 percent of it. Aging and health deterioration really depends on how you took care of your body during these cell division routines. If you had lived a healthy lifestyle—healthy diet, relaxation, and exercise—then your healthy cells would have reproduced healthier cells, and so on. Especially so if you have supplemented on powerful all-natural health supplements like purple corn juice.
But if not, then you will manifest premature aging signs, like dry and wrinkled skin, poor body carriage and posture, difficulty in movement, brain weakness, etc. sooner than your age warrants. If you have poor nutrition, you abuse your body, and don’t supplement, then you hasten the life of your cells and reach zero cell division sooner than expected. Zero cell division equals death. See now how cell health is key to health and long life?
Stop Free Radicals
Free radicals destroy cells. They come from the unhealthy food and drinks you take, and from your polluted environment. The more cells they destroy the faster aging is, the weaker you become, the more cell division results to cellular health deterioration.
What do we do?
Purple corn juice is rich in anthocyanin that gives electron to free radicals to prevent them from “stealing” electrons from your healthy cells. Thus, anthocyanin neutralizes free radicals and makes them harmless. That’s powerful anti-aging and health for you. With free radicals incapacitated, you get excellent cell division. That's how cell health is key to health and long life.

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