Some People Opt for Death than LIFE

They Get It But Not Get One

A lot of people like purple corn juice and drink it regularly; a lot more other folks love it and drink and sell it, too. Lots more enjoy more purple corn juice because they do the networking business and easily buy more of the product--not to sell it--but just purely enjoy it and get the amazingly powerful health benefits.

But there are strange people who like the product but never try it. Yeah, they fully understand the powerful health and healing benefits of purple corn juice, the very profitable marketing plan, and they see how they will benefit from it, but never buy even one bottle. They get it but not get one.

There are patients sick with deadly diseases, and the medical treatment they get seem hopelessly without results, and then they hear of purple corn juice and how it can help them. They are amazed that such a product exists and has helped many people with their same condition. But they don't try the product, then later throw all the brochures and pamphlets on purple corn juice, and forget all about it. They just want to continue with the useless treatments they've been getting.

Then they get worse, and later you just hear about their demise. And all you can do is sadly shake your head, knowing that the guy could have been healed and given the second chance to live life anew and correct the wrong lifestyle the guy formerly lived. A lot of terminal patients are given second chances by God, the Author of Life, who also created very powerful all-natural health supplements like purple corn in Peru, to correct the mistakes that man does to himself and his environs. But they never grab the chance (the grace) and just continue with destructive synthetic methods.

I mean, just look at how some farmers see how chemical fertilizers and pesticides ruin the soil and the crops they grow and sell in the market (and people who eat the chemical residues in such crops get the chemicals and later get sick, even with deadly and debilitating diseases). Nonetheless, they still continue with chemical fertilizers and pesticides because they're cheaper, and "organic fertilizers are just additional expense."

Some sick folks also see natural health supplements as "additional expense." They don't realize that the useless synthetic treatment they get for their ailment is the real "additional (and useless) expense."

I had a friend who hated natural health products. They're scams, he said, and people who sell them just want to make profit out of patients (but so do medical doctors). One day he became really sick, and his medications were no longer working for him. He recently died (at only 49) without even trying a powerful natural health supplement like purple corn juice, Acai berry juice, or Goji berry juice.

Some people opt for death than LIFE. They're reluctant to invest on LIFE but are all too willing to invest on death. They pour thousands and millions on death but could not even invest P5,888 for 3 bottles of LIFE. This is part of the curse that man got from the Eden Fall--being unable to recognize and appreciate LIFE but instead holds on to death.

If you, reading this blog, is in desperate need of LIFE, allow this article to open your mind and choose LIFE rather than death. If you are sickly or suffering a terminal disease, and you know in your mind that traditional medical treatments are not enough, then try purple corn juice. Invest on your health. God may be giving you a second chance to live life normally again and correct the former wrong or abusive things you had done to your body. Grab that second chance!

If you have good health and are financially well, why not invest in this business and help other people who are sick or financially troubled. God gave you wealth to share with others, not to dole money out, but to help people rely on God and stand up confidently independent. Join me in doing this. Invest on others, and invest on your health maintenance, too.

Today, God has given you two choices: Choose LIFE!

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