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Health, Healing, Wellness, and Business

I and my wife are health beneficiaries of Purple Corn Juice. We are benefiting awesomely from our regular take of Purple Corn Juice. My wife has a type of anemia that deforms her blood cells (target cells) and I sometimes have heart palpitations due to excess electricity in the heart (which needs heart ablation). My wife's recent blood test showed the abnormal target cells gone after a month of regular purple corn juice intake, and my energy levels increased even if I have a hectic job. That's why I fell the need to share the Purple Corn juice health, healing, wellness, and business.

Well, my excess electricity is still there, and I sometimes still have palpitations, but they are all easily manageable, unlike before when I sometimes had to be taken to the emergency room just to normalize my heart beat. And that entailed a lot of unnecessary expenses. It's all thanks to God and purple corn juice!

What is Purple Corn?

Purple Corn is corn colored deep purple, and the powerful kind grows only in Peru--on high mountains and along the coastlines. It is said that the harsh environs there was what made the plant evolve into a purple corn, increasing its antioxidants to fight off harmful elements and the sun's UV rays. When you eat the corn, you get the powerful antioxidants able to fight harmful elements in any environs, like UV rays, radiation, pollution, and food chemicals and other contaminants.

But the antioxidants and rich nutrients are not concentrated in the kernels. The kernels have some of them, but it's really the cob and the husk that have the highest antioxidant and nutrition contents. To be specific, Anthocyanin and Vitamins and Phytonutrient contents. These contents are very effective in combating diseases, even deadly and degenerative ones. Here in Manila, and elsewhere around the world, more and more people are gradually discovering the purple corn juice health, healing, wellness, and business benefits fro themselves. Purple corn juice can give good health and wealth.

What is Anthocyanin?

Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant that helps in healing or preventing major and minor ailments.In summary, it protects our body cells from free radical damage. Free radicals roam around your system, and once they meet healthy cells they "steal" their electrons to complete their own electron-lack and ruin healthy  cells, like your DNA cell. The healthy cells then become abnormal cells, growing large, mutating, and merging into tumors and cancerous cells. Free radicals should be stopped or neutralized, and if this is done,it is among the keys to health and healing.

Purple corn juice is rich in anthocyanin, and this anthocyanin can then give off electrons to free radicals. Once free radicals have complete electrons they are neutralized. They stop damaging other cells. They start behaving really good. Then your healthy cells start enjoying peace and developing into healthier cells. And that spells healthy immune system for you!

Then you are free from any illness!

Thus, my desire to share the Purple Corn Juice health, healing, wellness, and business. Instead of only chemo therapy that destroys all cells in the body, why not also offer cancer patients purple corn juice as a regular partner of traditional cancer treatment? If doctors can prescribe a treatment that kills good cells in the boy, why not an all-natural health juice that never harms cells (or the body for that matter) but even make cells healthier?

Reluctance to Offer a Health Remedy to Dying Patients

A lot of people don't feel right offering or selling a health product to sick people, and especially to dying people, because of the idea that it's wrong and unethical to make a profit from them or from their ailments. Well, doctors do that, why not supplement consultants? It's just like a sick guy buying from a vegetable or fruit seller. If you were in a fruit selling business, would you think it wrong to sell to the sick?

Anthocyanins: Biosynthesis, Functions, and ApplicationsHealed Diseases

So far, here in the Philippines, after about 4 months in circulation, Purple Corn has so far become a vital help in the healing/relief of cancer, kidney failure, goiter, thyroid, asthma, obesity, constipation, stress, inflammation, flu, headaches, fever, body pains, high blood pressure, infections, allergies, and even Dengue. A licensed doctor claims to be incorporating Purple Corn juice intake with regular Dengue treatment, and most patients go back home well after a day.

The list will go on as more people discover and take Purple Corn juice. 

Be a Dealer

You can do a business distributing Purple Corn juice in the Philippines or Asia, or anywhere else in the world. This business is done online and offline because the company, TRENZ, that exclusively markets this in the Philippines and Asia has a website. You can join as a distributor offline and encode referrals online. To be a distributor, simply buy the product at a lower price (3 bottles for only P5,888 or 5 bottles for only P9,888) and sell them at P2,200 each.

After joining, now as a distributor, you get 25% discount each purchase. You buy the product at P1,650 and sell it at P2,200 each. But this discount is only for distributors who will sell the products as a business. For users only, you can buy it at P2,200 a bottle.

TO JOIN: To join, text me through 0915-804-1947 or email me at trenzcorp@gmail.com

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  1. my goiter has gone because of Purple corn Juice the powerful food in the planet just for one month drinking ( 1 liter) of bottle of purple corn juice its amazing and thank God i will no longer go to surgical operation