Purple Corn Juice: Anti-Depressant

There's a strange feeling of well-being when you are sipping iced purple corn juice from a tall perspiring glass as you are relaxed seated in your favorite chair. Yup, purple corn juice is a natural anti-depressant. Some say anthocyanin, which is abundant in purple corn, acts as a natural analgesia through the production of endorphins in the brain. Here's where purple corn juice health, healing, wellness, and business come in.

Endorphins are produced by the hypothalamus and the pitpituary gland in the brain during certain activities you're engrossed in, like workingout, getting excited, or eating. It's in the eating (or ingestion) of purple corn that endorphins are formed and produce an analgesic or pain killing effect so that you feel extraordinary well, refreshed, and peaceful. When you feel good, less harmful chemical reactions happen in your body so that you have lesser stress. This translates to reduced chances of diseases. That's purple corn goodness serving as anti-depressant.

Then add to that the fact that anthocyanin in this super grain juice is a real disease killer. Overall, the well-being, feel-good feeling you have when taking this drink is for real and can be scientifically backed. In short, if you want to be happy, just drink Purple Corn juice.

Some drinks you take to feel calm leave behind a list of toxins your body will suffer from later. With purple corn juice, no residue will clog your system because it is in itself a detoxifying drink. You get a natural anti-depressant minus the usual side effects. You can also get a kick to perk up your mood and be highly energized for a hectic day ahead.

But purple corn juice can also help put you to sleep fast. Our experience is that, as soon as we lie down in bed, we feel sleepy and our eyes heavy. The feeling of well-being goes to such extreme that sleeping is never a problem, though it kept you going through the day. So, the next time you feel down, or you want a perk to liven up a lot, take this natural anti-depressant and stay out of any deadly side effect.

Now,offer this benefit to people who are often stressed out or depressed and you realize the potential of the purple corn health, healing, wellness, and business.

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