How to Drink Purple Corn Juice

Anthocyanins as Flower Pigments: Feasibilities for Flower Colour ModificationI and my wife and kids have been enjoying purple corn juice, and the good health effects are astonishing. For one, we have better energy to last the day. My sons are athletic, I have a hectic job and do some workouts to get rid of stress, and my wife is a school teacher (and you can just imagine her stress and fatigue). Drinking Purple Corn is a lot of help due to its rich Anthocyanin content. Now, here's how to drink purple corn juice.

Are You Healthy?

If you are healthy like I am (thank God) take 10 to 20 ml of purple corn juice everyday. Many people think they are healthy and assume it. Make sure you are indeed healthy. I take regular tests, and the most important is blood chemistry. By God's grace the results always come out normal even before I've been taking purple corn juice. So I keep taking it to maintain good health. Don't wait till you get sick and then look for remedies. Many times, medicines, medical treatment, and health supplements come too late. So, take it while good health is there--that's how to drink purple corn juice.

Are You Sick?

Sick with the flu or colds and cough or some other slight chronic illness? Then this is how to drink purple corn: 20 to 25 ml 2 to 3 times a day. In Manila, when so many kids are sick with Dengue fever, they can take 25 ml of it 3 times a day. A doctor-friend of mine gives his Dengue patients 20 ml a day of purple corn juice, aside from regular Dengue treatment. And his patients' platelet count improves just a day after. Sometimes, they are admitted only for a day.

If you are sick with a chronic but mild illness, this is how to drink purple corn: 20 ml per day or twice of it a day. That's what I do to beat my over-fatigue.

Sick with a Serious Ailment?

If you have a deadly disease, here's how to drink purple corn effectively: 2 to 3 glasses a day. Well, there is this true story of a 30-year old woman in Pangasinan whose kidneys were a total wreck and her doctors advised that she just go home to wait for death--of course using kind words to that effect. She hadn't been moving her bowels or urinating for days and her color was deathly blue. She couldn't stand up or walk and was bedridden.

Then one networker selling purple corn juice gave her a bottle. After 30 minutes of drinking just 35 ml. she started defecating and urinating. Her colored turned better and she was able to stand and walk. But days later, she succumbed to pneumonia--her lungs drowned. If only she was treated for Pneumonia she would have survived.

You see, purple corn juice can sometimes work alone and sometimes it works hand-in-hand with other treatments or medicines or supplements. And one thing more: all-natural food supplements usually take months and even a year to start giving healing effects. Synthetics give fast relief but they never really heal. Sometimes they even make things worse despite the relief they give. Many diabetic patients later develop kidney troubles due to the medicines they take.

Purple corn juice is now available in the Philippines! To order, text or call me: 0915-804-1947. Or email me at

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