Your Health and Your Purple Corn Juice Business

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A lot of people ask me up to now how they can sell purple corn juice effectively. Some PCJ sellers use different techniques to sell, and sometimes I'm saddened by how some of them try to trick people just to make a sale.

One trick is to force people to buy. This is how they do it---they bring bottles of purple corn juice with them when they visit prospects and force them to take the bottles and pay for them later. It works, but it's a dirty trick.

A good sales transaction is always characterized by the customer getting what he wants, not the other way around. Never make that desperate sales move because it will reflect on your character and the company's image.

So, what's the best way to sell purple corn juice?

ANSWER: Sell yourself.

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What do I mean? Many networkers selling health products fail to get this. They sell health products but they are models of unhealthiness. They smoke, stay out or stay awake late at night, eat wrong foods, and never exercise.

I've seen a lot of health supplement sellers or networkers with bulging stomachs. A protruding tummy is a sure sign of unhealthiness.

Can you imagine a guy who sells cars he says are the best on the planet and yet rides in an old dilapidated car? Would you believe what he tells you about the cars he sells? Would you buy from him?

The same thing, I wouldn't have myself be treated by a doctor who is sickly or who has lots of vices. I will never believe a word he says, especially if he tells me how I need surgery done by him.

Your health condition and your purple corn juice business are one and the same. That's one of the ways you sell health products professionally. If you make lots of money selling purple corn juice even if you live an unhealthy lifestyle, chances are, you are resorting to tricks and scams. Trick and scams can make you lots of money.

A professional business person in the health supplement business should keep himself fit and healthy, he should eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, have no unhealthy habits or vices and should regularly use the products he sells.

If people know you to be like that, they will learn to trust you. They will believe what you say and buy your product because they really like it. You build your business properly, righteously and professionally this way.

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