What Causes Most Deadly Ailments and How to Stop It

Actually, there's only one thing to avoid if you want to live long and healthy. It's free radical damage. It's the Mother of all ailments, the root of all health evils. Once free radical damage sets in, your body immune system weakens and all organs are easily under attack from infections, viruses and cell damage.

And what causes free radical damage and feeds it?

It's simply stress and unhealthy eating.

If you noticed, simple things are needed to avoid deadly ailments like cancer, diabetes, heart problems and the rest. Just avoid too much stress (or unhealthy stress) and unhealthy food. But even this simple formula is grossly ignored these days when people get too busy with their activities to listen to health wisdom.

When you are stressed up and eat unhealthily, free radicals are produced in the body. These abnormal cells steal electrons from good cells, damaging or destroying them. If unchecked, they help the body produce more abnormal cells. Bad cells lead to damaged organs eventually. And that wrecks the immune system.

Stress causes us to eat unhealthy food. People like eating ice cream and cakes and other sweets and pastries and comfort food to relieve stress. Add to that fatty and too spicy foods. They also like to drink softdrinks and sodas, beer and liquor to "relax" when they're stressed up. And then they stay up all night enjoying their night life, getting drunk and all that.

Gradually they also gain excess weight. If you want to know how the bible and medical science cna help you lose weight, click here.

All these together with stress produce more free radicals in the body. Later, you feel sick and discover you have a serious ailment. Then you wonder what happened. And then you start looking for health supplements and taking them. And if they don't work, you wonder why.

Remember, natural health supplements help you PREVENT ailments, NOT really HEAL them. Sometimes, they help heal diseases, but not always. So don't misuse them and don't abuse your health.

If you want to stay out of health troubles, avoid stress and eat healthy. There are stresses that are healthy. But too much stress (stress that makes you moody or worried or always angry or difficult) will kill you.

Natural health supplements like purple corn juice are designed by God to beef up or reinforce your resistance against ailments. But if you bring on the bad effects of vices and abuses on yourself, the purpose is defeated. I've seen people take purple corn juice or other health supplements and then continue to smoke and drink and forfeit themselves of sleep and rest. That's the most stupid thing I've ever seen.

If you are for health, then go all-out for it. It's all or nothing.


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