More on Purple Corn Anthocyanin and Type-2 Diabetes

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There are more reasons to believe that purple corn can help diabetics by this research finding on purple corn anthocyanin and type-2 diabetes .

Researchers from Hallym University in Korea concluded that anthocyanin found in purple corn can possibly stop multiple pathways that lead to diabetic neophropathy. This is severe kidney damage that develops from diabetes, or specifically kidney damage due to the side effects of diabetes medication.

They also concluded that supplementing with purple corn may greatly help prevent renal vascular disease that accompanies type-2 diabetes.

Purple corn is a unique corn variety abundant in the mountains of Peru. It has been found rich in anthocyanin which, according to scientists, is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are known to help prevent or fight a lot of serious ailments, including heart problems, cancer and diabetes.

More people are getting excited about purple corn anthocyanin and type-2 diabetes but wonder where they can buy this unique colored corn. Do they have to go to Peru or order the crop from there?

Fortunately, purple corn juice is now available in other countries, including the Philippines. In fact, there is great excitement in the country about developments unfolding in studies conducted on purple corn anthocyanin and type-2 diabetes, especially now that the ailment is becoming rampant in the Philippines.

According to some researchers, the Philippine diet has been noted lately to have become too salty and fatty with the influx of fastfood meals which mostly include foods heavy in carbs, synthetic ingredients, fats and especially sugars. Too much of such foods eaten almost daily can raise blood sugar levels as well as impair kidney function seriously.

No wonder, talks about developments on purple corn anthocyanin and type-2 diabetes are stirring the health and wellness community.

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