What Really is Purple Corn Juice?

Although I've described what purple corn juice is on this blog and on our Facebook page, many still excitedly ask me what really is purple corn juice all about.

So, I post another article here.

Purple corn juice (PCJ) is a unique, deliciously refreshing and nutritious juice drink derived from purple corn that grows on the high mountains of Peru. If you'd buy purple corn juice (which is a bit costly) make sure it comes from the organic farms of Peru.

Some folks make their own PCJ. They simply buy purple corn (the corn is really colored purple, often deep purple or violet or blue), boil it, and then mix fresh pineapple chunks, apples, and other fruits into the brew. They add some healthy sweetener (brown sugar or muscovado or stevia), cool it, and that's it.

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It's important to boil the purple husk and corncob of the purple corn, along with the grains, to get all the powerful nutrition, especially anthocyanin. Actually, 80 percent of the nutrition comes from the husk and corncob. Only 20 percent comes from the grains.

If you don't have time to boil the corn and do all that, just buy PCJ in bottles--either in powder or liquid form. I sell purple corn juice (powder or liquid) being an independent distributor of a company in the Philippines that sells it here. Just email me at herbalinch@gmail.com or post a comment below this article.

What health benefits does PCJ have?

  • Anti-inflammatory. It prevents inflammation so you avoid (or get relief from) inflammation related ailments like arthritis, gout, sinusitis, gingivitis, asthma, and other similar diseases.
  • Anti-heart diseases. It helps you prevent cardiovascular or heart and blood vessel problems like atherosclerosis which triggers high blood pressure, strokes and other heart troubles. 
  • Anti-diabetes. Anthocyanin, the foremost nutrition of PJC, is known to prevent insulin resistance, or that condition in which insulin becomes useless to burn calories. This leads to diabetes. PCJ drinkers often testify to having their blood sugar count normalized when they take purple corn juice regularly.
  • Anti-cancer. Aside from being rich in anthocyanin which fights against free radicals and carcinogens that trigger abnormal cells and cancer, PCJ has lots of beta carotene, other antioxidants and has anti-tumor properties. 
  • Delays aging. Because it is rich in Vitamin E, PCJ effectively delays aging.
  • Anti-dengue. Though not yet proven clinically, PCJ has been observed to help dengue patients recover more quickly from the viral disease, dengue. This is probably because purple corn is rich in Vitamin C. Moreover, anthocyanin is known to firm up blood vessels to prevent rupturing of the blood vessels and prevent internal bleeding due to the viral infection, which often causes death. 
  • Very healthy energy drink. Don't settle for synthetic energy drinks full of  white sugar and caffeine that destroy the kidneys and sometimes lead to diabetes. PCJ is made of corn and is an ideal, safe and healthy energy drink for active and athletic people.
These are just some of the health benefits, but actually, there's something more special about what really is purple corn juice about. 

And this is it's unique and deliciously refreshing taste! Kids just love it, and we all know how meticulous kids are when it comes to drinking juice. Try it now!

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