How Powerful are Anthocyanins as Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are known to decrease, if not stop, oxidative damage in our bodies. Oxidative damage, in simple terms, is how our body organs and systems weaken and degenerate due to the ravages of age, the elements we are exposed to, like pollution and UV rays, and stress from modern lifestyles. Simpler, it is similar to how rust destroys steel and reduces it to nothing in time.

Oxidative damage is like that--it eats away at our health and fitness by slowly damaging our internal systems and organ functions. Advanced oxidative damage can result to organ failure, diabetes, or cancer, and eventually death. But thank God oxidative damage can be neutralized or prevented through antioxidants. Our bodies produce natural antioxidants like glutathione, but as age sets in and our immune system weakens, not enough antioxidants are produced. So we need antioxidants from plants.

Purple corn is among crops that produce rich antioxidants called anthocyanins. According to scientists, this is a powerful antioxidant:

"Major results were that isolated compounds (aglycons and glycosides) and complex plant samples are powerful antioxidants in vitro. In fact their activities by far exceeded those of Trolox and vitamin C in the FRA assay," []. The article added that, "Extracellularly, however, the compounds are potent antioxidants. This points to their potential for providing systemic protection in vivo, e.g., by scavenging oxidants in the blood stream and in the colon. Notably, both aglycons and glycosides have equally strong antioxidant activity."

In short, the study found that anthocyanins are potent antioxidants which have the ability for "scavenging oxidants" found in the blood and colon. In other words, anthocyanins have the ability to collect oxidants--or collecting harmful and destructive mutant cells that roam in the blood and colon areas and throw them away like garbage. 

Because anthocyanins are water soluble, the body easily gets rid of it through urine, perspiration, or bowel movement. Thus, when they have scavenged or collected oxidants, they take these with them and flush them out when we eliminate fluids from our bodies. 

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