How to Earn Money from Selling Purple Corn juice

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There's probably no one selling purple corn juice from Peru yet in your locality, especially here in the Philippines, and you want to be the first to do it. Here's what you should do.

Buy 2 liters of purple corn juice from Peru at $19.99 plus $4.95 for shipping. That's about P1,073.00 or only P536.21 per liter. Then re-sell at P700 per liter, with at least P162 profit per liter. This is cheap compared to the few companies here in the Philippines that sell it at least P2,000 per liter.

Or, sell the juice in 16-0z bottles at P250 per bottle. Get 12 bottles from Peru at $49.99 plus $4.95 shipping or around P2,363. Selling at P250 each bottle earns you P637.

Mix Purple Corn Juice into Desserts or Beverages

To further make purple corn juice affordable, try mixing it in various desserts. Mix in about 50ml of purple corn juice into your halo-halo or ice cream and call it a fancy name like Halo-Halo con Chicha Morada or Ice Cream ala Peru. The 50ml can cost you something like P27. Just add that to the price plus about a 50-peso profit.

You can also mix the juice in fruit punches, salads, shakes, or purees. Add 50ml and add P27 to the price plus a 50-peso profit. Instead of having to buy something worth P500 or P250, they can get the health benefit and extra purple corn flavor at a lesser price. This is ideal of you own a small food and beverage cart in a mall.

For instance, you can have the beverage concept together with a finger-food cart, like a siomai or squid-ball food cart. Then, display some bottles of purple corn juice and put up a display of its health benefits. Of course, have several products ready for selling. You never know when people are going to start buying.

You'd be surprised at the number of people willing to buy quality health products at P500 or P250 per bottle. People today are more aware about alternative health drinks and supplements in lieu of traditional synthetic health or even medical remedies. They keep looking for effective means of combating diseases and preserving good health.

I'm often surprised at how a lot of people are willing to buy health supplements worth P8,000 plus in bulk, even shelling out as much as P60,000 plus or P133,000 plus for a single product purchase! Yes, it's for real! It's amazing! How much more for a quality, health-powerful product only worth P250 or P500 a bottle?

So be in the purple corn juice business today! For product purchases or inquiries, just use the Contact Form on the sidebar.

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