Purple Corn Juice and Smoking

Perhaps you thought this issue was about how purple corn juice protected your health even if you kept on smoking. And frankly, I see lots of PCJ users and networkers doing its business still smoking cigarettes, making PCJ a license to unhealthy lifestyles.

No matter how powerful a health supplement is, if you keep abusing your health, free radical damage will go on wrecking your inner health, and I assure you your powerful health supplement will eventually be unable to cope up with the destruction. Purple corn juice and smoking are two of the most incompatible things in this world. You cannot take PCJ regularly and go on smoking.

Rather, PCJ helps you stop smoking. If you've been smoking long enough and then you stop smoking, withdrawal symptoms are likely to occur, like weakness, trembling, difficulty in breathing, weight gain, or uneasiness or stress. Purple corn juice can help you fight off these symptoms as you stop smoking, making the cessation permanent.

Remember, purple corn juice is a "supplement," a help--not for vices--but for gaining health and clean living. It's not designed to make you safe in your willful self destruction. And by the way, the real role of health-product networkers is to spread healthy options to the populace. That's networking professionalism.

Purple corn juice is for health and healing, not abetting wrong, unhealthy lifestyles.

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