Why You Need the Fastest Way to Beat the Summer Heat

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You need the fastest way to beat the summer heat because allowing your body to suffer the extreme temperature may be fatal. And we're talking of heat stroke here. I once saw a man jogging at almost 12 noon, summer time, and guys who do this claim it's all about endurance training. It's not endurance training--it's punishing if not killing yourself, getting your blood temperature to a boiling point.

Now, what can be more effective in getting your body cooled down and rehydrated fast than a tall glass of cold healthy fluid? And the health fluid should have watermelon, a pinch of salt, purple corn juice, and lots of ice in it. Watermelon fights dehydration fast and also contains potassium to beef up your heart strength. The salt gives you a charge of electrolytes, and the purple corn juice is for energy and nutrition. Ice helps tremendously to lower your body temperature.

Hot days tend to weaken your energy levels and cause your body to use up more nutrients. So replace them quickly to avoid dehydration or heat stroke. This is especially vital if you workout in summer. Always make this drink handy with you. It will also help to take a banana fruit along for a healthy snack after your workout--like after running, for instance. More importantly, never expose yourself to the sun during its extreme hotness in the day.

Now, if you want, mix your purple corn juice with half glass of low-carb, hypotonic, sports drink plus ice, or cool it down in the fridge before taking. That makes your health fluid faster to absorb. But here's what I think is best--mix your purple corn juice with fresh coconut water. It's almost like dextrose, only better and more hydrating and healthy, with no sugar. No side effects either. Mix the two and refrigerate until the drink is ice-cold. That will definitely give you safe hydration, refreshment, and get rid of the dangers of a heat stroke. But always stay indoors and do check with your doctor if you feel like getting a heat stroke.

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