Why Purple Corn Juice is Good for Asthma

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You have asthma? You want real relief? Well, first, get regular checkups with your asthma doctor. Second, get regular workouts. Third, often take purple corn juice and non acidic Vitamin C. And here's why purple corn juice is good for asthma.

Purple corn juice anthocyanin has anti-inflammation health effects. Asthma is a known inflammation ailment, inflaming or swelling the air passages in the lungs so that breathing becomes difficult. To get relief from swollen air passages, take this corn drink regularly. I don't know if it can provide instant relief--lots of asthmatic folks taking it claim it does--but most natural health supplements are known to take effect gradually, sometimes taking days or weeks to take effect, unlike how synthetics do it. But natural health food has no side effects, unlike synthetics.

Thus, I say start taking purple corn juice now. Don't wait till you have an attack.You don't eat food only when you're so hungry. You take it regularly, 3 times a day, to benefit from its health features. It's the same with purple corn juice.

Secondly, this health drink has anti-allergy properties. Asthma is commonly triggered by certain allergens, like dust or pollen. If you're allergic to pollen, asthma may ruin your outdoor life, like a summer outing to a forested resort. Some are sensitive to heat, so they suffer attacks during summer time. Taking this Peruvian super health drink will help lessen asthma attacks, if not get rid of them totally.

Then, you can reinforce purple corn anthocyanin with non-acidic sodium ascorbate Vitamin C for best results. Vitamin C toughens your immune system so you have better inner resistance against allergens. Purple corn is rich in Vitamin C, but this vitamin easily evaporates during processing of the juice or when you open the bottle. Vitamin C is sensitive, except when it's in frozen crystal form, as in the case of Vital C non-acidic sodium ascorbate Vitamin C. None of it evaporates and you get powerful Vitamin C with each veggie capsule. So reinforce your Purple Corn Juice intake with non-acidic sodium ascorbate Vitamin C.

So, anthocyanin that stops inflammation--this is why purple corn juice is good for asthma. For inquiries on non-acidic sodium ascorbate Vitamin C, just email me.

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