Why Juice? Why Not Just Eat the Fruit or Purple Corn?

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Why juice? Why not just eat the fruit? Nothing beats eating fresh fruits but the question is, how many apples can you eat a day? Or how many purple corn can you eat in one sitting? How many tomatoes can you eat in a meal? I don't know about you, but my tummy can only accommodate 3 whole corns a day or 4 tomato fruits. And how about watermelons?

That's why we juice. We can easily consume 5 or 7 purple corns when juiced, and think of the health benefits we get from that compared to eating just one or two. That's doubled or tripled health benefits! Well, admittedly, we sacrifice the precious dietary fibers of fruits and crops when we juice, and fibers do a lot of good for our colon health, kidneys, and blood health. But anyway, we can't win them all. And that's why I say we have to take other supplements besides purple corn juice.

Moreover, I find fresh fruit juices more relaxing than munching on fruit, although I enjoy that, too. I especially enjoy pouring fruit or purple corn juice into a tall glass with lots of ice and mixed in with some bits of other fruits like banana, apple, peach, or strawberries. Then I sip on that while watching a good DVD with my wife and kids. You can't get that enjoyment with eating whole fruits, and definitely you can't get that with taking capsule or tablet supplements.

Why juice? Why not just eat the fruit itself? Believe me, do that by all means but do treat yourself, and your body, with the refreshing taste of juiced fruits or purple corn plus their tripled health benefits. Furthermore, you can always enjoy juices with the family together--something capsule or tablet supplements will hardly provide. I haven't heard if a family taking capsule drinking spree.

Especially at summer time, take fresh fruit juices several times a day! There's no side effects or overdose except that your tummy might not be able to contain too much of them.

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