Vital Tip for Selling Purple Corn Juice

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What I'm about to discuss here is a vital tip for selling purple corn juice. It may not make you a millionaire salesman but it will surely give you more than money profits. And I'm talking about possessing good health. I mean, it's silly to be promoting what you call a "healthy product" and then be unhealthy yourself.

I'd been saying this in my lectures to purple corn juice distributors. The first product you sell is "you." You should be a product of your product. It's useless to be telling folks how healthy purple corn juice is if you're unfit, out of shape, or worse, sickly. You should make selling this powerful health juice a career. If so, then you should be a health buff.

In fact, if you're a networker dealing with a health product--any kind of health product--and you claim to be a professional networker at it, the first thing you should have is a healthy and fit body. Do you have an obtrusive tummy? Are you overweight? Do you smoke? Do you get drunk? Then you're unfit for the business. You tell people to be healthy while you yourself aren't. You and your business are a fraud.

Do you have normal blood chemistry, BP, and all that medical test stuff? If you once suffered from any of them and are now taking the health supplement you're selling, there should be marked health improvement in you--except if you're abusing your health and living an unhealthy lifestyle--then there won't be. I've seen networkers dealing with health products who still smoke and drink a lot, stay out late at nights, making their product a license to abuse their health. Anyway, they say, my health product will eliminate all the toxins I put in my body.

I always tell health dealers to live healthily, especially tell purple corn juice dealers this vital tip for selling purple corn juice--prove the juice product effective by showing its good effects on you. If you remain unhealthy, why should they buy your product? In truth, purple corn juice is among the most powerful health supplements on earth. But it is not designed to be an antidote for health abuse.

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