Sharp Mind with Purple Corn Juice

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The anthocyanin in purple corn is great for mind sharpness. Did you know that? So is its rich lutein content. We all know how lutein is vital for eye sharpness, but not many are aware of its mind sharpness properties. Yes, you can have a sharp mind with purple corn juice--the same for your kids--with the joint anthocyanin and lutein mind health benefits!

Here's how it works. Purple corn is found to be rich in lutein. Lutein is powerful with blood vessel health, making your vascular walls firm but flexible, able to stretch or expand to give way to normal blood flow even with clogs in your blood vessels, but with no vascular rupture. This works well for the thin, microscopic blood vessels in your eyes, for instance, that supply blood to it. If these veins get clogged up by whatever debris or deposit, blood flow is limited and your eye health gets affected. You lose eye sharpness. But anthocyanin and lutein gets rid of that malady.

Now, the same action is true with the blood vessels to your brain. With enough lutein, the brain gets sufficient amounts of blood and oxygen, making it function better. So your mind gets sharper. You see, clogging in the blood vessels in the brain weakens memory and mind sharpness. If worse comes to worse, the clogging can lead to a fatal stroke. Lead and aluminum content in food and in the air you breathe can make this happen in you or your kids and even babies. Thus, taking purple corn juice regularly can help stave off eye and mind defects. Yes, sharp mind with purple corn juice is possible.

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