Purple Corn Juice for Fitness

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If you're a fitness buff like me, purple corn juice will suit you right, as real fruit juices usually do. If you're not yet one, now is the time to start. If some say health is wealth, I say health is better than wealth. I've seen folks who have to spend all their wealth just trying to recover their wasted health. Thus I share purple corn juice for fitness--and other real fruit juices for that matter.

How does this Peruvian juice help your fitness goals? For starters, it gives you energy without adding extra to your weight. Corn is a known source of safe carb that gives you energy usable for workouts. Instead of taking harmful commercialized energy drinks high on caffeine and white sugar, just drink all-natural purple corn juice for fitness. You don't just get energy, you get essential vitamins and antioxidants as well.

Second, it's a rich source of Vitamins C and E. If you workout regularly, it's vital that your immune system is replenished with Vitamin C regularly as well. Vitamin C boosts immune protection. However, your intake of Vitamin C today doesn't last till tomorrow. Your intake of it today is all used up also today. Tomorrow's another day and another fresh supply of Vitamin C is needed by your body. So, if you want your workouts unhampered by sickness, build up your immune system with daily doses of natural Vitamin C. Purple corn juice helps you in this.

Third, as you workout and puff air, you burn more oxygen. This is true with all workouts, especially aerobics. And oxygen burning produces more free radicals which oxidize [damage] the body and add to aging side effects. So you have to have enough Vitamin E in you to thwart aging. And purple corn juice for fitness is rich in this vitamin and has powerful anti-aging properties.

Last but not least, purple corn juice regulates fat storage. The nutrition in this juice helps your body store just enough fat it needs to burn to stay functional. In short, you get no extra fat that builds up into stubborn flab, especially around the waist. That's purple corn juice for fitness.

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