Inflammation Caused by Eating Beef and Protection from Purple Corn Juice

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Did you know that eating beef can cause inflammation? And inflammation, if unchecked, can lead to serious ailments like arthritis, gout, rheumatism, asthma, and even colon cancer. How does eating beef come into the picture here? Well, probably ages ago when cows were still fed pure organic grass, you got nothing but good health and physique from their beef. But after greed took over the business of cow raising, they started to give them steroids to grow them bigger and faster to bring in more profits.

Cows need large doses of steroids to grow big. The steroids remain in the meat of the cows and you get some of them when you eat the beef. Steroids don't get washed away by food preparation or eliminated by cooking. Imagine what happens when small amounts of those steroids accumulate in your system.

Add to that the antibiotics given cows. Again, cows need massive doses of antibiotics to be protected from diseases, especially when a disease outbreak happens in a locality. Such antibiotics stick to cow flesh and you get them into your system when you eat beef, say experts. Antibiotics in meat don't get eliminated by washing or cooking. Again, imagine what happens when cow antibiotics accumulate in your body--or in your children's bodies for that matter.

According to studies, among side effects from cow beef treated with steroids and antibiotics is inflammation. Inflammation can wreck your body organs, like liver or kidney inflammation. And some medical experts say some 70 percent of cancers start from inflammation. So, what can we do about this? Get rid of beef from our diets forever?

Probably we can do that gradually, but in the mean time we still have some meat in our food dishes, how can we be protected from beef inflammation? Well, the good news is, purple corn juice anthocyanin has powerful anti-inflammation properties. While we try to lessen beef consumption progressively, let's take purple corn juice to fight inflammation.

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