Healing Powers of Anthocyanin

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Anthocyanin, the pigment that gives bright colors to fruits and crops like purple corn, has been observed in folk medicine worldwide to have tremendous healing properties--or more accurately, to aid in healing diseases. Aside from the healing powers of Anthocyanin, it is also known to have a vital part in working out good health.

Now, understand that anthocyanin is not the exclusive health feature of purple corn. Other plants, like Hibiscus sp, have been known to be rich in this super antioxidant and has been observed to be useful for helping remedy hypertension and liver dysfunction, for instance. Hilberry anthocyanin, on the other hand, is said to be ideal for fixing vision defects, diarrhea, getting rid of microbial infections, and other ailments.

However, it is only recently that anthocyanin for therapeutic purposes has been proven effective through its measurable pharmacological properties, though it has long been proven useful through its evident epidemiological effects and anecdotal healing testimonies. One thing for sure, reports say anthocyanin effectiveness is often enhanced when interacting with other nutrients. It is a great nutrient enhancer. Thus, it's ideal for taking with other food or supplements rich in other antioxidants. That's part of the healing powers of anthocyanin.
For instance, eye health can be improved when anthocyanin [extracted from black currant] enhances the production of rhodopsin, which is found in the eye retina area.
Anthocaynins have also been proven to lessen cancer cells and stop tumor formation, disturbing the process of carcinogenesis or the beginning of cancer. Key to this is anthocyanin's ability to stop cyclo-oxygenase enzymes as a potent antioxidant. In one study by Hou and associates, anthocyanins were shown to fight tumorigenesis by blocking a protein kinase pathway activated by mitogen. This explains anthocyanin's anti-cancer properties on a molecular level. Hence also, fruits rich in anthocyanin have effective anti-cancer abilities on different cancer levels. There can be hope even when the patient is diagnosed with 4th stage cancer or diabetes because the healing effects happen on the molecular level.
It's clear that the healing powers of anthocyanin is often synergistic--it works with other nutrients and antioxidants. So do take other supplements together with purple corn juice or capsules.

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