Diverse Supps for Serious Health Buffs

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Believe me, purple corn juice has it all--health, fitness, weight loss, and wellness.what more can you ask for? The anthocyanin content alone gives you powerful health benefits. The fat burner [fat regulation] properties of anthocyanin takes care of your weight loss needs. The energy this juice gives helps you sustain strength for your workouts. And the tremendous anti-aging properties of anthocyanin provides the wellness benefits.

But health experts maintain that serious health and fitness buffs should diversify with the supplements they take daily. At least, you should seriously take 3 natural health supplements to balance your fitness needs. For instance, if you want an athletic, fit body, purple corn juice can take care of your internal health. Then get a protein supplement for your muscle development. Then take a third for calcium to firm up your bones.

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If you are into weight loss, you may opt to take a probiotic, a strong dietary fiber supp, and then purple corn juice. If you are seriously sick, take purple corn juice along with other supps powerful in antioxidants not present in purple corn. I recommend taking extra non-acidic Vitamin C supplements along with purple corn juice for total immune boost.

I, for one, take numerous health supplements for my athletic activities, particularly Filipino Martial Arts. I need hyper boosts in immunity against sickness because I'm middle aged, plus my muscle and energy boost requirements. So I take probiotics and non-acidic Vitamin C. Plus, my years of taking purple corn juice really turned my health around for the better. I also take mangosteen extracts and Q10 for the healthy heart muscle I need when training.

Because purple corn is food, we should follow our daily routine with food. You don't eat just one type of food everyday. For instance, you don't eat cabbage daily. You need to eat diverse kinds of veggies and fruits and meats.

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