Orange Purple Punch!

You want to chase the burnout and blues away? Try this delicate concoction I've been enjoying for energy boost and optimum nutrition. I call it Orange Purple Punch! If you want to maximize your frugal use of purple corn juice, mix it with orange, lemon, or kalamansi to make this fruity beverage: 

Orange Purple Punch

We're using more oranges than purple corn juice for this, to economize on the corn juice and yet be able to produce a whole tall glass of this beverage.  Get two pieces of fresh oranges (regular size) or 5 pieces of fresh kalamansi. Slice and squeeze the juice into a tall glass. Separate the seeds. Add 4 to 6 tablespoons of wild honey. Add 3/4 cold water and stir. Then add 40 to 50 ml purple corn juice. Serve Orange Purple Punch cold with crushed or cube ice.

Nutritional Value

Orange is rich in Vitamins C and A plus lots of dietary fibers and pectin. You'll love pectin because it does so much to reduce your weight, protect the mucous membrane of your colon from chemicals in food and other toxins, protecting your from cancer. Pectin also normalizes cholesterol in the blood. It also has flavonoids like alpha and beta carotenes, zea-xanthin, beta-cryptoxanthin and lutein. Besidses, it has tremendous B Complex vitamins like pyridoxine, thiamine, and folates.

Lemon or kalamansi is not far in nutritional value than what oranges have.

Wild honey is perfect for energy and endurance. It's also excellent for weight loss. I decided to use honey instead of white or brown sugar because it is known to have a much lower caloric content. Honey is good for athletic people, by the way, for that extra energy boost. Moreover, when honey is mixed with orange or lemon, the body is aided in converting fats into energy for burning. In fact daily use of honey helps you manage your cholesterol and blood sugar count well.

Wild honey has oligosaccharides purported to aid colon bifidobacterial growth for better intestinal health. And there are powerful oxidants present in honey, namely pinobanksin and pinocembrin.

Purple corn juice is rich in anthocyanin and flavonoids. It has carotenoids and terpene plus lutein and sulphurorafens. It is very rich in Vitamin C and E. Anthocyanin alone can single-handedly take care of most ailments. And on top of everything, purple corn juice is super delicious.

You see how super nutritious this health beverage is, and it's so easy to prepare. Enjoy it daily or sell it in your classy bar or cafe. Sell a glass of Orange Purple Punch  for P150.

50 ml purple corn juice - P82.50
2 pieces orange fruit     - P10.00              
6 tablespoon honey      - P15.00
Profit                           - P42.50
TOTAL                       - P150.00

Or, play with the costing and content proportion for a more competitive price. Add more orange juice and reduce purple corn juice if desired.

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