Purple Corn Anthocyanin Unique Nature

Other Nutrients in Purple Corn
Purple corn anthocyanin is a powerful bioflavonoid. No, anthocyanin is not the same as bioflavonoid; it is a type of bioflavonoid. There are other types of bioflavonoid, like hesperidin, rutin, and quercitin, to name a few. Because they have different names, so understandably they have different effects and uses. So we’ll later take a look at the purple corn anthocyanin unique nature.

Meantime let’s examine flavonoids in general. They’re all good antivirals, anti-inflammatory and of course, antioxidants. In general, they have the following health benefits: they decrease cholesterol levels, maintain healthier blood vessels, improve blood circulation, and relieve asthma and other allergies. All these are included in the purple corn anthocyanin unique nature.

Bioflavonoids also protect against cancer and improve brain and liver functions. They protect against infections and prevent gum diseases and cavities. They give you collagen health and a youthful look. They remedy hemorrhoids, menstrual problems, eye improvement, and detox even of heavy metals from the body.
Different types of flavonoids do different jobs though they all relate structurally.  To understand the purple corn anthocyanin nature, let’s look at the different types of flavonoids first.

Hesperidin. This effectively blocks histamine and is antiviral. It works well with Vitamin C.

Rutin. Among its many good benefits is good blood circulation and anti-aging. Good together with Vitamin C.

Quercetin. Works anti-inflammation, good circulation, and serves as a powerful antioxidant.

Curcumin. Besides being an antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory, it also provides spice turmeric.

Having seen the powerful effects of some bioflavonoids, now, here comes anthocyanin. Purple corn juice anthocyanin is 150 times more powerful than bioflavonoids in general. If flavonoids can do the above, then multiply that 150 times and you get the purple corn anthocyanin unique nature and power. No wonder it can do phenomenal and miraculous healing. 

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