Blood Thalassemia

My dear wife was diagnosed with mild blood thalassemia about middle of last year. Prior to that she had been feeling dizzy most of the time and strangely terribly weakened at times. After several blood tests her blood doctor told us the result. Thank God it's just mild thalassemia. Nonetheless, it needs careful monitoring and treatment. So she's been taking B complex and folic acid plus injections as needed. The injection was to prod her bone marrow to produce new blood cells. But she still felt terribly weak and groggy most times.

Then she started taking purple corn juice. At first, the 20 ml didn't seem to have any positive effect. So I decided  to double it, and then triple it. Then it started. Yes, she still felt sleepy at times but her health has been improving since and she seldom gets weak nowadays. And the sleepiness turned out to be purple corn's way of making her body recover from her sleep loss the past few nights. That's what we found out with most food supplements. And gradually we hope her blood thalassemia is corrected.

She said herself: "I no longer feel as groggy as I did before even with the medication and injection. I feel stronger now and I can cope up with the day's stress better." Her latest blood test showed some improvement, and we're excited to see her next blood test. We know that these things take patience. Sometimes, natural supplements work quickly, sometimes they seem to follow a slow healing process. And we're positive her blood thalassemia will be healed, by God's grace.

We need to remedy her schedules as an elementary school teacher however. She often spend late nights preparing lesson plans, grades, or test papers. I want her out of her present job and full time in our ministry and network marketing business we both enjoy. It's different when we're together--we're really one flesh in Christ. For now we have to make do--as I've said, these things take patience. There's reward in waiting and right timing. They that wait on the Lord shall have a new and radical strength and grow wings to soar like eagles.

Eagles wait for a blast of wind to pass by, and when the wind comes, all it takes is one swift stroke of the eagle's wings...and there it hovers high in mid air, untouched by any danger. By God's grace purple corn juice will be to us physically what the wind is to the eagle.

UPDATE, the recent blood test of my wife (Jan. 19, 2012) showed positive development on her hemoglobin, unlike a very low result the last time. Formerly, her blood test registered a low 9. Now it stays on 10. The normal reading is a 12, and that's our goal. We acknowledge it's by God's grace and purple corn juice.

LATEST UPDATE: [December 09, 2013] My wife is healed, thank God! We consulted another doctor for a second opinion and it turned out all my wife needed was iron supplements especially during her heavy menstruation. She took it with her doctor's supervision and regular checkups, and now she's declared out of thalassemia danger with minimal iron supp intake during her menstruations. And of course, the natural health supplements she's been taking now and then helped, like purple corn juice, Vitamin C sodium ascorbate in veggie capsule, plus fermented plums from Singapore! God is good!


  1. Does your wife have alpha or beta thalassemia? I'd like to try this remedy but I have alpha and I'm curious if it will work or not

  2. My wife had mild thalassemia. That's what her former doctor said. We consulted another doctor recently and this one gave her a right treatment. All she needed was iron supplement [not the injections her former doctor gave her] and today she has normal hemoglobin, thank God. But during her bout with thalassemia, purple corn juice helped her a lot to recover her strength and somewhat keep her blood hemo level tolerable. I hope you find a remedy for your thalassemia and get well soon! Thanks for your comment!