Anthocyanin Strengthens Capillaries and Blood Vessels

Medical Uses of Anthocyanin
It’s easy to imagine how micro-blood vessel health is vital to our normal blood circulation. Any disruption there can cause serious ailments, even lethal ones like strokes, hypertension, or massive internal bleeding, as in dengue.
And it’s equally vital to see how anthocyanin strengthens capillaries and blood vessels—so you’d see how important purple corn juice is.

Lots of medical herbalists and even physicians use anthocyanin for micro blood vessel health.  Why? Because recent studies in the UK prove that anthocyanins help repair vessel damage that cause small blood vessel “leaks.” The fluid “flooding” or retention resulting from this causes inflammation or swollenness. This often affects the eye area and limbs. Often, there is little that can be done to remedy this problem, and usually it’s through diuretics which often have side effects. Diuretics also seldom address the real cause of the problem. All they do is flush out the fluid.

Anthocyanin both acts as a diuretic and at the same time a healing remedy for ailments. For instance, it can flush out clogging in the arteries or blood vessel at the same time that it strengthens them through collagen health. The next time, deposit build-up on the arterial walls can be avoided because anthocyanin prevents the oxidation of LDL. So the root cause is eliminated. In summary, this is how anthocyanin strengthens capillaries and blood vessels.

Collagen and Elastin

Anthocyanin easily fastens itself to collagen and elastin, stabilizing them. In the process, phospholipids of endothelial cells are likewise stabilized and the wonderful synthesis of mucopolysaccharides and collagen is increased. This improves the structural integrity of your arterial walls. This powerfully prevents cancer, strokes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. Likewise, the collagen and elastin buildup decreases the incidence of inflammation, easing painful ailments like asthma and arthritis. These are just some of the medical uses of anthocyanin.

Anthocyanin in Pre-Surgery

In Europe, some doctors prescribe a certain dose of anthocyanin prior to surgery. This is a measure to prevent excessive bleeding in post-surgery. The benefit in blood circulation helps in mental health and sharpness hastening quick recovery from dizziness or disorientation brought about by surgery.

Anthocyanin for Urination Problems

In addition, this amazing micro nutrient in purple corn is good for preventing or treating mild recurrent urinary tract and bladder infections. It prevents bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract wall.

Anthocyanin is the major micro nutrient in purple corn. In fact, this corn has the highest count of this micro nutrient compared to other crops and fruits. And the temperature used in concocting purple corn juice does not damage or decrease its effectiveness whatsoever.

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