How to Cure Dengue

How to cure dengue--this is among the serious concerns in Manila. Dengue is a high fever that leads to internal bleeding and then death. It is caused by a mosquito carrying the dengue virus. They say the health department is coming out with a vaccine next year. But in the meantime, many people want to know how to cure dengue.

Dengue can be cured by incorporating purple corn juice with traditional medical treatment in a hospital. They say the dark color of purple corn will prevent accurate monitoring of blood in stools. Yes, but blood platelet count is better monitored through blood tests than stool exams. Dengue detection is best done by blood tests. It's a vital part of how to cure dengue.

A doctor in Quezon City treats his dengue patients with purple corn juice. He gives them about 30ml of this juice together with the usual dengue medical treatment. He says his patients get well just after a day or overnight. Dengue fever often stays from 3 to 5 days, but with purple corn juice as part of how to cure dengue medically, platelet count rises to normal levels just after hours or a day.

This should be good news to parents. Dengue is so scary that parents are at a loss when it hits, especially their kids. Think of the threat to life, not to mention the cost of hospitalization and the availability of vacant rooms. This year, so many kids died of the dreaded fever.

But fear no more. Give your kids (and yourself) regular purple corn treats (20ml for health maintenance) to prevent dengue and other deadly diseases like cancer and diabetes. By regular drinking of this super health drink, you won't have to fear and wonder how to cure dengue because prevention is better than cure. Dengue is cured or prevented with purple corn supplementation plus (more importantly) prayers to God. God created purple corn for all of us. He is that good!

Dengue virus causes blood veins to thin out and burst and cause internal bleeding. The platelet will try to patch up the pores on the veins to prevent bleeding, but the task would soon prove too difficult and platelet count falls due to the task and internal bleeding happens. But the powerful anthocyanin in purple corn juice strengthens the veins through the Vitamin E that promotes collagen health and vein elasticity. No more bursting of veins. Moreover, the super vitamin C in purple corn strengthens the immune system.

Our friend, who is a pastor, was healed of dengue after prayers, medical treatment, and purple corn juice supplementation. The platelet count deterioration was abruptly stopped at 104 (when often it plunged down to as a low as 60 or 30) and then dramatically rose to 106 after only some hours. Dengue treatment often takes 3 to 4 days. The next day the platelet count was up to 112, and further upward.

God's grace through prayer, medical treatment, and purple corn juice. That's how to cure dengue with purple corn juice and medical treatment.

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