Deadly Purple Corn

Dying Cancer Cell
Did you know that Purple Corn is deadly? So drink more of its liquid version because it is a deadly drink against diseases. Diseases (while they haven’t established a foothold yet) don’t stand a chance against it. Well, that is if you have been regularly taking the juice. If not, and you are now in some serious medical trouble, there may still be hope. After all, it’s not deadly purple corn for nothing.

Purple corn is probably the best and richest source of anthocyanin, and to get to know more of it, here's a summary info about some aspects of anthocyanin powerful health features. Anthocyanin is an antioxidant that makes purple corn purple or dark blue. It’s also the reason for the bright colors of other crops.

Moreover, it’s not just for parading plant color. It does much more wonders on the human body. It powerfully fights body oxidation, like a deadly purple corn, and stops the degeneration of the body due to the destructive activities of free radicals. And that’s either through diseases or aging.  In fact, anthocyanin is equal in power in oxidizing potency to 150 flavonoids. Thus, free radicals don't stand a chance of starting anything destructive. Anthocyanin has the antioxidant capacity to fight even against noxious oxidants, including hydrogen peroxide and superoxide radicals.

Take a look at cyadinins--micro-nutrients present in food abundant in anthocyanin. It is said to be four times better in antioxidant capacity than does Vitamin E. Imagine what healing purple corn juice can give cancer patients, considering the anthocyanin,Vitamin C, and Vitamin E contents. Then there’s the potent cyadinin.

Anthocyanin power has an anti-inflammatory property. This gives you quality collagen and nervous system. Collagen is more than just skin health; it is likewise blood vessel health. If blood vessels  are more elastic, the better. The elasticity provides room for the vessels to stretch for blood to flow even through clogged pathways. Anthocyanin protects both the big and small blood vessels from oxidizing, especially when the blood sugar level rises which leads to micro vessel breaks, especially in the eye area. Anthocyanin also fixes diabetic retinopathy that can cause blindness.

This short information alone makes this health juice a wonder drink. Imagine your body and its systems being set free from deadly damage by just enjoying this “deadly” drink, deadly to diseases. And yes, anthocyanin can cause the apoptosis of cancer cells, or their programmed death.  That's powerful purple corn health, healing, and business!

Come and do this business with me in a team and we'd be helping a lot of sick folks get out from their beds of ailments. The gift of life to someone hopelessly sick and dying is among the few things in life that really matters. It is a great reward in itself to be able to give someone in need such gift.

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